About Me

It’s pretty simple.  I see beauty everywhere I look — especially when I look at people.  I have been attempting to capture this and document raw beauty from life in general for years.  This aspect of my life took a more central focus after I had the honor of an apprenticeship with Laramie photographer Anne Brande in 2010.  Since then, the passion I have had for learning to create quality photos has continued to grow.  I welcome my clients’ vision to the process and try to capture more than just “the facts,” while finding honest-to-goodness beauty that can speak for itself.  This has grown into a product I can offer to those who want custom photos to reflect and remember their lives.

Although I enjoy a pretty wide variety of photo requests, my most passionate subjects to capture are women and children (and all things related – such as maternity, birth, babies and kids).  I do enjoy event photography, and have a special love for dance photography.  Ideally, I prefer on-location, natural light, and especially outdoor shots, but occasionally I bring lighting equipment into settings.  In all my photographs it is my joy to capture the beauty of who you are as a person!

Thanks for checking out my site!  Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback!